Saturday, November 9, 2013

No Fan Of Fuschia!

So recently I decided that it was time to dye my hair red again!  I have dyed it red once before, and I loved it!  The red really makes my green eyes pop, and well my eyes are my favorite feature, so you can see how that fits together. ;)  

While my beautiful friend was dying my hair it was kind of nerve racking.  This time around I was using a different type of hair dye and well...once the dye had been mixed up it was FUSCHIA!  Yes, bright pink!  I was starting to wonder what I had gotten myself into, and I was also hoping that I wouldn't end up with pink hair!  So I trustingly allowed my friend to start putting the hair dye on my hair, once she was done and my entire head was covered in this fuschia madness, we let it sit for a little while and I went to take a look in the mirror.  Much to my surprise my hair was now DARK PURPLE!  You can only imagine how badly I was freaking out!  With the hair dye I used last time this insane color changing madness, never happened!   At this point I'm just hoping that my hair actually turns ourt red...and not pink!

"Bye, Bye, Brown Hair!" 

The dye is in and we let it sit for about 30 minutes, and then it's time to rinse it out.  It's the moment of truth, when I get to know if my hair is red or....fuschia. My friend starts to rinse my hair out in the bath tub, and after about a minute or so the bath tub looks like it's filled with red wine.  I was relieved that as we were rinsing it out the water was turning red, that's a good sign right? :)  We rinse my hair out (Which seemed like it took for ever!) then shampoo it twice, then condition it, and rinse it one more time! Such a long process!   Then I was finally able to stand up and brush my hair out, I looked up into our mirror and I tell ya it was a miracle!  My hair was red!  Not fuschia!  Let me just say that I was a really happy girl at this point. ;) 

"Hello gorgeous red hair!"

I realized that the above photo doesn't really capture the red because I'm using my iPhone camera, so I whipped out my nicer camera and snapped a few pictures so that you all could see the color of my hair better. :)  I would also like to note that the curls in my hair, in the above pictures, are all natural I literally don't have to do anything to my hair for it to be THAT curly!  But my curly hair, and different tips on how to embrace your natural curly hair, is another post all by it's self! ;)

As you can see the under side/ bottom of my hair isn't as red as the roots.  But that's okay with me.  My friend wanted to re dye my hair so that it was all the same shade but I said it wasn't necessary!   I really love my wonderfully red hair, and I also love dying my hair!  Oh, and a little birdie once told me that Kaitlyn may be dying her hair soon too! I guess we will just have to wait and see if she does! :)

What colors have you dyed your hair?  Have you had any scary "fuschia" moments?

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