Thursday, September 12, 2013

Our Favorite Hair Styles!

There are different kinds of favorite hair styles I have for different lengths of my hair but there is one that will forever be my favorite and that would be lose curls.  I never cut my hair shorter than shoulder length so I can always do lose curls.    My hair is currently the length where I wish it was either longer or shorter because I'm not a fan of the "in between" stage.   Simply because my hair is extremely thick and I have layers. Where I live there is hardly ever a day when there isn't humidity in the air, it takes me well over ten minutes to flat iron my hair and once I step out the door it's all over.  My hair is naturally curly/wavy and not really in a good way.  It's more wild than pretty.

That's why this is one of my favorite hair style to do.  It's so easy, simple and doesn't take a long time either.  



Just thought I would share with you my favorite casual style that works best for me. :)  I'll do a tutorial sometime and post it. :)  T


Oh the joys of hair!  You can cut it, grow it out, dye it, style it, there are never ending possibilities with hair!  Now some of us don't always venture into the countless things you can do with your hair, and others do!  For me and my personality, I have cut it short and kept it long, I've dyed it dark brown, auburn, but I don't usually wear my hair any other way than flat ironed.  It's my comfort zone, and I know that we all have one! ;)

When I was younger I was never too concerned with my appearance.  Now mind you I grew up in a house of boys, who are all rough and tumble, dirt and bugs!  I wanted to be just like them, then I got older and realized that I should start caring about my appearance! Ha.   That is when I mastered the art of flat ironing my hair. So every morning, to this day I get up and flat iron my hair.  It's my go to, everyday, easy-peasy, hair style.  The great thing about flat ironing my hair is that, with it straight I can pull my bangs back, or braid a side of my hair back, and it still looks cute, plus...It's easy.  I love easy! :)   I will be sure to do a tutorial on how to flat iron shorter hair, for those of you that have yet to master the art of flat ironing! 

We would love to know what your 'comfort zone' hair style is!  Comment below and share it with us! :) 

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